Pick-up 2-on-2 “beach” volleyball

1st Annual
Newaygo County Venture Outdoors Expo
Pick-up 2-on-2 “beach” volleyball
Saturday, June 18
Newaygo County Fair Grounds
10 am – 2 pm
No cost to play – just come and have fun!
Sand court, net and volleyballs provided



This pick-up 2-on-2 volleyball challenge court event is open to all.  Beach volleyball rules of competition are used, modified as follows:


  • 2-players per side (all teams welcome; girls, boys, coed)
  • Challenge court: Winners stay on the court and serve first (first match-first serve determined by coin toss).
  • Rally scoring: 1 game to 21 (teams keep their own scores and call their own faults)
  • One toss per serve (may serve over or underhand)
  • 3-contacts and block counts as a contact (no blocking the serve)
  • The first contact may be received with multiple contacts (on the same attempt) or players may take the ball with an open hand or set
  • No open hand dinks/tips
  • Any contact with any part of the net by a player’s body is a violation
  • Time-outs:

–Each team is allowed one  30-second timeout per game

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