Turkey Calling with Rod Hollowell



 When: 5:00 pm Friday June 17th .




Turkey Calling with Rod Hollowell. Learn to call using a push box, box call , & slate calls. Rod Hollowell , dedicated National Wild

Turkey Federation banquet chairman has enjoyed turkey hunting with friends and family on his farms in Fremont. Since he provides food for turkeys year around he might as well enjoy them! Turkey calling is incredibly entertaining!



That’s Legendary The Legends of Newaygo County are passed from generation to generation as men and women pass on their outdoor skills of sport & recreation to those eager to learn. This is what makes Newaygo county an amazing outdoor place to live and visit. A select group of legends will share and entertain through talks and demonstrations of their outdoor skills. Make this Fathers Day weekend legendary by enjoying what these legends have to share with you at the Newaygo Venture Outdoor Expo!

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